Email notifications problems

If you are experimenting problems with bookings email notifications, please have a look at the following guidelines.

CASE A – No email notifications to salon administrator, nor to salon customers

  • verify that your WordPress install is sending out email correctly. How? Try to reset your account password using the “Forgotten password” link on the WordPress login page.
  • If you don’t receive any email, then there is a problem with the wpmail function of WordPress. If this is the case, you should install a plugin like: and use a custom SMPT connection to make the emails working correctly.
  •  If the email notifications from WordPress works correctly while those from Salon Booking not, there is something on your mail server that prevent them to work properly. Contact your hosting provider to report the problem
  • You can install a plugin like: where you can see all the emails notifications that are triggered and eventually not delivered.

CASE B – Salon customers receive email notifications while the salon administrator not

  • Check your spam folder
  • Try using another email address and see if the problem persists

Check email logs

to be sure that our plugin is sending out the email notifications, install this plugin:

make a new booking test and check the "email logs" page to verify which email have been sent.

If none of the suggested guidelines works then get back to us.

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