How does salon customers can recover their password

If your salon customers need to recover their password, you can provide a link to the WordPress log-in page ( /wp-login.php ) on your website.

This link is also displayed on the log-in step of the Salon Booking System booking form.

From this page  ( /wp-login.php ) the user can click on “Forgot your password?” link and receive the email with the password reset instructions.


Is it safe to provide the Wordpress log-in page url to our customers?

Yes it is. As you should know Wordpress has different roles for its users and each role has a different level of privileges once they are logged-in into the dashboard.

Salon Booking System has a specific role for customers called “Salon customer”. 

This role has the same privileges of the Wordpress “Subscriber” role and this means that once logged-in this kind of user can only set the information of its own profile and nothing else.

Is there a way to prevent “Salon customer” role users to log-in into the Wordpress dashboard ?

Yes, just install this plugin:

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