Back-end booking calendar

Basic things to know about the calendar:

  • The back-end calendar represent your main bookings agenda, from here you can control your appointments, create, edit and cancel reservations.  
  • Each coloured box represent a reservation, each reservation has a different colour depending by its status. 
  • Moving the mouse over each box a tool-tip is displayed with the details of the reservation. 
  • If you click on the box you can edit the current reservation. 
  • If you click on the date of a specific day you can switch to the "Daily view" of the calendar.
  • Also you can control for each day the number of reservations, the available hours left, your current income, just moving the mouse over the coloured band.
  • You can set your favourite view of the calendar ( Monthly, Daily, Weekly or Yearly ) from General Settings > Calendar view

Weekly view

Daily view

Daily view with Assistant view option enabled

Block time slots for assistants

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