Assistant selection

1 - Enable "Assistant selection" option

If you run your salon by yourself, you don't have other people that are working with you, then you don't need to consider this section, live it as it is.

In case you run a salon where you have at least one person with you then you would need to "Enable assistant selection".

2 - Enable "Only from back-end" option

When you enable the assistant selection, a new option is displayed:

This option can be enabled if you are not willing to have your assistants choose by the customers during the booking process on your website but you still need to manage the assistants reservations from the administration of your website.

3 - Disable "Choose an assistant for me"

This option can be enable to hide the first option prompted by the booking form during the "Assistants selection" step and force the customer to select an assistant.

4 - Enable "Multiple assistants' selection"

This option allows your customers to choose an assistant for each of the services booked.


This option requires that you have enabled a specific "Availability mode" inside " Salon Booking > Settings > Booking rules > Availability mode":

Then you need to setup also the "Execution order" option inside each of your services:

5 - Enable assistant email on new booking

This option make sure that every time an assistant has been booked will receive an email notification with the details of the reservation.

Make sure you have correctly entered the assistant email address inside his settings page.

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