Request a feedback from your customers

Enable this option if you want to receive a feedback or review from your customers after every appointment at your salon. 

This could be very useful for your business as it will keep in constant contact with your clients and show them how important is their opinions on your job. 

Feedback submission reminder

By enabling this option, you can automatically send a message by email or by SMS to your customers 24 hours after their last visit at your shop.

You can customize this message as you like.

Default feedback

By default, the system will bring your customers to their personal account page, where they can leave feedback on your website.

Google My Business reviews

Alternatively, you can redirect your customers to your Google My Business page to leave a review trough this platform. In this case, you need to set the "Feedback review URL" field.

You can get this URL from your Google My Business account, click on "Share review form" button and get the URL generated, then copy&paste it inside the "Feedback review URL" field.

Facebook page review

You could use even your Facebook page reviews, follow these instructions:

But you can use whatever review submission URL.

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