On-line booking available days

The Rules

These options are among the most important ones as they reflects your real weekly schedule. 

Every rules is made of the following options:

  • "Available days" - you need to select the days of the week available for reservations 
  • "First shift" - the first hours range of your opening time frame of the day
  • "Second shift" the second hours range of your opening time frame of the day 
  • "Disable second shift" - that hides the "Second shift" option 
  • "Always enabled" - this option means that the current rule will always valid trough the whole year

You can create multiple "Rules" in order to create your real business bookings time frame but remember that more rules you use slower will be the booking process.

Pay attention to the rules you set as they could conflict one to each other creating errors during the booking process.

Important to know: the last "Rule" override the previous one

Where two rules having some days in common, the more recent rule will prevail over the previous rule.

Limited period booking rule

Let say that your salon follows this weekly schedule ( open from Monday to Saturday - from 8 to 13 and from 15 to 20 )

But for some reason during a specific time of the year you need to follow a different weekly schedule, you can add a second rule like this one:

This rule means that: only from October the 1st until October 12th your salon will be available for reservations only from Monday to Friday.

No available days ( wrongly set rule )

Keep in mind that if you don't select at least one day, like the example below, it will means that there are no available days at all for reservations:

Setup specific dates for bookings

If your salon allows reservations only on specific dates of the year you need to create this kind of rules combination.

Let say for example that your salon can be booked only on Febraury 20th. Your will need to create this set of rules:

1 ) NO AVAILABLE DATES RULE ( it says to the system that it's always unavailable for reservations )

2 ) SPECIFIC DATE FOR BOOKING  ( it says to the system that only Febraury 20th is available for booking )

From now on you could add other rules like this one to specify other available dates.

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