Check-out form fields

From "Settings > Check-out > Custom fields"  section, you can manage and to create as many "custom fields" as you want.

Fields types

These are the fields type available:

  • Text
  • Textarea
  • checkbox
  • select
  • html
  • file upload

Fields parameters

For each field, you can specify these parameters:

  • Label
  • Type
  • If Is required
  • Field width ( half, full, quarter )
  • Default value ( a text string for the text fields or 'true/false' for the checkbox )
  • "Customer profile" - fields that belong to the customer personal details - you'll find it inside the "Customers > customer details" page and on "Booking my account" page under the "Customer profile" tab"
  • "Hide on checkout" - this field will not be displayed on the check-out form on front-end
  • "Hide on booking" - this field will not be displayed inside the booking details on back-end
  •  "Export to CSV" - this field will be included into the "Booking CSV export file"

Demo video

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