Online payments

Online payments options are available only for the users of the PAID version of Salon Booking System. If you don't have a PAID version go here.

Online payment status

To enable the online payments you need to enable this option. Also make sure that you don't have the "Manual Booking confirmation" option enabled.

Tip request

If you want to allow your customers to leave a tip then just enable this option:

Pay later

Enable this option is you want allow your customers to pay on site for their reservation.

Pay a deposit

You can ask a partial payment or the entire amount of the reservation upfront.

For the partials payments you can choose among a percentage or a fixed amount.

When the "entire mount ( disabled )" option is selected and the "Fixed amount" field is empty then a full payment upfront is required.


To request a fixed amount of 30$ upfront you need to set these options like this:

Price visibility

Enable this option is you don't want to display the price of your services on front-end booking form.

Payment pending email

By default when a customer make a reservation two emails are sent to his:
  • A first email is sent on the last step of the booking form where the status of the reservation is "Payment pending"
  • A second email is sent after the payment or when the user choose "Pay later" option

If you want to disable the first email sent to the customer just enable this option.

Automatic cancellation of unpaid reservations

This option can be used to cancel those reservations that are unpaid in order to free the occupied slots. You can set the maximum time span before the unpaid cancellation will be cancelled. 


To make this feature works correctly it's important that your website is having a regular traffic or you should set a cronjob on your server like explained here.


These set of options are quite simple to understand. You can use them to set your currency, its position and the "decimal" and "thousand" separators.

Payment methods

By default Salon Booking System supports online payments with PayPal and Stripe. In order to use them you need to have a valid account with one of this platform.

Every payment platform requires different kind of account details, just follow the instructions of our plugin.

In this section you will find even the options of third part payment platforms that you can purchase from our official website in the Add-on section.


Our plugin offers only one payment method at time.

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