Notify reservations on Assistants Google Calendar

If you want to synch the reservations of Salon Booking even with the Google Calendar of your assistants follow these steps.

Ask to your assistant to share one of his calendars on Google Calendar with you. He needs to go to his Google Calendar account settings and select one of his calendars to be used for Salon Booking reservations.

He needs to click on “ share this calendar” option and then add the email address used for Google Calendar account of your salon. 

Make sure he selects the “ make changes to events” option.

At this point the salon administrator will receive an email from Goole with the sharing notification from his assistant calendar.

The salon administrator is asked to ADD the assistant calendar to his current calendars.

Now go back to the assistant detail page on Salon booking and select his shared Google Calendar  from this drop-down menu:

That's it!

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