Create a discount

With the Advanced Discount System for Salon Booking you can create alternatively:

Coupons Code

You can offer a percentage or a fixed amount discount that will be applied on the total booking order amount by entering a code that you have previously provided to your customers.

Automatic discounts

This kind of discounts will be applied automatically on checkout process when one or more rules, previously defined by you, are met by the customer’s order.

For every “Automatic discount” you can set one or multiple rules to decide who and when that discount need to be automatically applied.

How to create a discount.

Go to “Salon Booking > Discounts” section and click on “Add discount”.

For each discount you need to set:

  • The amount ( a number )
  • Type ( percentage or fixed )
  • Maximum uses limit ( how many times that discount can be applied )
  • Per single user limit ( how many time the same user can benefit of that discount )
  • Date range of validity
  • If it will be limited to specific services

Coupon code or Automatic discount?

After you set the discount general settings you need to decide how this discount need to be applied.
As a Coupon code or automatically when specific conditions of the booking are met.

Coupon code

In case you opt for the “Coupon code” you just need to copy the provided code and give it to the customers you want.

Automatic discount

If you decide for “Automatic discount” then you need to set its rules.

Automatic discount rules

You can choose among these following rules:

Reservations collected by a single customer

The number of reservations made by a customer.
Let’s say you want to reward those customers that have made at least 100 reservations at your salon.

Reservation amount collected by a single customer

The total value of the reservations made by a customer.
Let’s say you want to reward those customers that have collected a total of 1.000$ on reservations at your salon.

On specific dates

You can specify when this discount can be applied defining a date range.
Let’s say you want to offer a special discount during Christmas holidays then you could set a date range that starts on December the 25th until the 30th.

On specific week-days

You can specify which days of the week the discount will be applied.

Let’s say you want to increase the reservations on those week days that are less busy. For example on every “Wednesday”.

You can decide to set just one rule or a combination of multiple rules.

Discount usage history

You can keep track of who is using your discount looking at its “usage history” section

Add a discount to a reservation from back-end

When you create a new reservation from the back-end of the website then you can choose among the Discounts available to be applied to the total amount.

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