SMS notification

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Send SMS notification on new bookings

If enable it will send an SMS to the customer and a staff member ( you need to enter the mobile phone of the person to be notfified ) with the details of the reservation:

Remind the appointment with an SMS

This option will send out another SMS to the customers as the reservation date/time is approaching.

You can decide the time span before the appointment for the reminder to be sent.

To make this feature works correctly you need to set a cronjob on your website, have a look at this article.

Send an SMS to selected assistant on new booking

This option allow an sms notification even to the selected assistants on a new reservation.
Make sure you have correctly entered the assistant mobile number inside his option page.

Customize the SMS notification message

Use this text area to customize the message sent to the customer to notify the new reservation.
You can use the following shortcodes for dynamic fields:


The message lenght must be below the 160 characters as the SMS platform will automatically trunk the longer messages.

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